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PowderCoat NJ

Powder coat NJ

Your one-stop-shop for everything related to Powder Coat NJ

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Commercial Powder Coating NJ

High-volume, rapid turnaround for commercial and industrial powder coating.

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Architectural Powder Coatings NJ

We custom match to your precise architectural or retail needs.

powder coating nj powder coating nj

Powder Coating NJ

Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating..

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Rusty Lions Powder Coating specializes in thorough preparation of all metal surfaces..

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powder coat nj powder coat nj


Powder coating provides a much more durable finish that can withstand harsh environments..

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Rustylions Powder Coating NJ

Welcome to the website of Powder Coating NJ. We are an NJ powder coating shop based in New Jersey, and we aim to provide the best powder coating services in NJ. From custom projects to production jobs, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a project in mind. Some of the services we offer involve; powdercoat nj, Custom Powder Coating NJ, sandblasting, Architectural, Nylon, and Vinyl Powder Coating. We are more than happy to help customers with any inquiries they may have. If you would like to learn more about what powder coating is, check out our powder coating page.

Thank you for taking the particular time to visit our site, and if you have any questions, please contact us!

powder coating NJ
About Our Powder Coat NJ

A great beginning to know us more

At Rusty Lions, we are experts in Automotive, Motorcycle, and metal refinishing. Rusty Lions is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to customers because every customer is valuable to Rusty-Lions. We are specialized in powder coat, Cerakote for high temp applications, paint, sandblasting and similar services. We also perform welding along with outdoor and indoor furniture and railings powder coating and refinishing and support machine shop and manufacturing finishing services, Powder Coating NJ, Metal Finishing NJ. What makes us different from other companies is we are committed to meet our customers' quality expectations. Along with customer-oriented experience, we always focus to provide better services than previous better one, that's what is the fact which is enough reason for making us the most trustable company in all automotive services.

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What is Powdercoating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing proces which was started during 40s. Introduced in 60s in north-america, powder-coating is is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. It is used in coating of metals, such as household appliances, aluminium extrusions, drum hardware and automobile and bicycle parts. Powder coating is based on polymer resin systems & is a high-quality finishing foor the thousands of products we come in contact with each day.Thus we can say that Powder coat nj is usually used to create a hard finishing (tougher/harder than conventional paint).

Power Coating Services NJ

Powder coated metal finishing by Rusty Lions offers a superior finish combined with excellent durability. For about the same cost as professionally applied paint, our powder coat process will help extend the life of metal products –– from architectural elements like railings and light poles to commercial and end-product applications like machine parts or outside furniture.

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Commercial Applications for Powder Coating

There are many benefits to the powder coating process, especially the cost-effectiveness..

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Architectural Applications for Powder Coating

Rusty Lions provides architectural powder coating solutions in New Jersey..

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Hobbies & Personal Powder Coated Projects

Powder coatings provide a durable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution..

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Automotive Services

One of the most in demand uses for our powder coating services.Powder coating not only provides an incredibly durable..

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Sandblasting Services Components

Rusty Lions provides sandblasting to ensure proper surface treatment..

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Color Charts

Powder coating has literally thousands of color and texture choices..

Our goal is to provide exceptional quality to every customer.

The RustyLions are always commited to give better experience than prevoius better one to all customers, be it new or old or reffered one, every customer is a priority-holder customer for RustyLions. Using Advanced technology along with customer-driven experience RustyLions always take care of clients needs. RustyLions never compromise with service-quality which simply means customer would get only genuine quality services (SunBlasting, Custom Powder Coating, Architectural Powder Coating, Nylon and Vinyl Powder Coating etc). Our firm is the best Powder Coat NJ.

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outdoor furniture coating oakland nj

Customer service

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Frequently Asked Questions

As professional tools & labor are frequently required, powder coating is usually more expensive than painting. Whether you do it yourself or pay a professional, painting may be inexpensive. In the case of powder coating, a metal double bed frame, for example, costs roughly $250 to $300 to have professionally powder-coated, which includes material & labor charges. It also includes the expense of sandblasting, which is sometimes required before applying the powder to remove the prior finish.

In comparison, painting it yourself will cost you around $50 in materials. It will cost roughly $100 to $150 to hire a professional to do it, including paint and labor. To achieve a long-lasting & durable finish, one must take into consideration the proper usage of the equipment as well as the proper application of the powders. Powder coating has become successful in making an impression of durability, affordability, and eco-friendly. That is why most manufacturers opt to use this technology in their products, especially in bulk production.

Powder coating at home can be challenging; if you wish to do it yourself, regular painting is the best alternative. The complexity of the powder coating operation makes it difficult for anyone who is not an expert to execute. Powder-coating kits are available for purchase; however, they are primarily helpful for tiny objects. For smaller items, you may purchase DIY powder kits for $100 to $200.

Nonetheless, if you need to powder coat something professionally, you could pay anywhere from $100 - $500 or a charge of $55 to $75 per hour of labor. Powder coating anything large or medium-sized also usually necessitates the use of specialized equipment, whereas painting may be done & completed in the comfort of your own house or backyard.

Powder Coating is the best and modern way of surface finishing, which, unlike the traditional wet paints, uses the dry method of coating items or surfaces. On average, powder coating various car parts & accessories can cost about $2,000. The cost of Powder coating a car ranged from $1,000 to $3,000 in the US for 2019.

Although conventional powder coatings provide no evident danger to the human body, they may induce irritation and allergy when exposed to the human skin, eyes, & respiratory tract. The curing agent is much more hazardous than the resin in most powder coating resins. When formed into a powder coating, the toxicity of the curing agent is reduced to practical non-existence. Animal studies have revealed that there is no mortality or injury symptom after inhaling the powder coating, although there are varying degrees of irritation to the eyes and skin.

Powder Coating suspension or any other vehicle parts requires a similar process, which basically involves placing the powder-coated surface in an oven, then subjected to heat until it reaches its melting point. The finish is really impressive and very attractive, and the layer it creates is so sturdy, which is actually highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and scratches, unlike any other conventional wet paint.

The cost of powder coating varies by a great deal in the metal manufacturing industry. When calculating powder coating costs, you must consider whether to utilize a thermoset or thermoplastic product, type of equipment, labor cost, etc. Hence there is no established cost as it depends on many variables; for more inquiry & more information, contact our experts today!

While powder coating demonstrates several essential & vital advantages over liquid coating, there are also some limitations to the process. These include:

  1. The range of suitable materials;
  2. Difficulty producing even, thin coatings;
  3. Leading times for custom coatings and color change,
  4. Longer & more costly drying/curing for large parts
  5. Greater start-up costs.

The powder coating procedure begins with the removal of the tire and valve, leaving only the wheel, which is then cleaned to remove any dirt & grit before being chemically dipped to remove any old coats of paint. Following that, the powder coating is applied using compressed air. Since it is driven through a nozzle, it brushes against an electrode, which gives the powder a positive charge, resulting in a smooth coating that is cured in an oven for an exceptional finish.

The end finishes greatly depend on the preparation of the surface. Preparation of the substrate or layer is vital to produce a quality coat. The surface or product which is to be coated must be free from oil traces, lubricants, and dirt particles. This is the primary step towards achieving a successful and high-quality finish. It is important to thoroughly clean the area and ensure that no chemicals or particles are present to avoid uneven coats. If correct preparation is not done, the quality of your finish might be negatively affected.

Powder coating is an excellent alternative for traditional wet painting used for automotive and other metallic materials. It is a process of application of a layer of a specially treated solid pigment in the form of a dry powder to a surface. Heat is then applied to the surface, causing it to undergo a chemical reaction as the temperature goes up. Following the chemical reaction, the powder melts & re-solidifies into a single solid surface that matches the contours of the item that is being coated.

Powder coating has more advantage over wet painting as it is cheaper, more ecologically friendly & creates a much more durable surface that is scratch-resistant. Moreover, an electrostatic coating is also applied in this process. This actually commences application by putting the powder into the target area using tribo or charging guns. Basically, a container is placed at the bottom with an air cavity where it is filled with powder for sticking a pre-heated coat to the surface, which is to be applied with the powder.

The cost of powder coating or sandblasting (a broad term that excludes other blasting processes) varies in the metal manufacturing industry. By a great deal, actually. When calculating powder coating costs, you must consider whether to utilize a thermoset or thermoplastic product. Thermoplastic is less expensive, but it is also less robust and heat resistant.

So, once again, it is dependent on the component to be coated. Do you require a more robust, heat-resistant coating? Before powder coating, components may need to be blasted. This treatment raises the expenses. The usage of specific colors also plays a role. For more inquiries & information, contact our experts today!

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