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  • Each part is pre-treated in our washer system that cleans, degreases and etches for maximum powder coating adhesion.
  • Parts with an old, existing finish are and sandblasted and, when necessary, hand sanded to provide a clean surface for new powder.
  • Parts are masked, taped and plugged, as needed by our expert, dedicated staff.

Powder Coating Ingredients

Once the part is properly prepared to receive coating, it is time to prepare for the coat application. Manufacturers of powder coating systems use a special blend of polymer resin. They also use necessary curatives and pigments and additives to create each individual color and finish according to your desires. All of the ingredients are melted together and blended to form a uniform mixture which are cooled into bricks. Once the bricks are completely cooled and dried, they are ground down to create the fine powder that you receive. It is important to note that the color and finish of the powder is determined at the manufacturing facility based on your order. It cannot be changed once the finished powder is shipped as it will produce an uneven result.


Powder Coating Application

The process used to apply the powder is different from other coating systems, thanks to its use of electromagnetic properties. This requires some specialized tools, and the powder is placed inside of a paint gun that charges the particles using either friction or an electrical source. Next, the part that is being coated is grounded to provide an opposite charge that will attract the particles as they are sprayed. The thickness of the application will vary depending on whether the coating is external or internal, or the type of environment that the part will be used in. The powder will continue to stick to the surface of the part as long as it is grounded, which allows for multiple passes to cover the part.

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