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Automotive Projects

Powder coating is commonly used throughout the automotive industry as both a basecoat and a finish for a variety of automotive components. Some of the more specific applications of powder coating include Surface Primer, Wheels and chassis.

Powder coatings provide a durable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and versatile alternative to liquid finishes. Rustylions Powder Coating has offered powder coated finishing services for parts up to 40 feet and 950 pounds. Processing one piece or thousands of pieces. We offer your substrates coating for Steel (HR, HRPO, CR, Hot Dip Galvanize and/or Galvaneel); Aluminum (Extrusions, die castings, fabrications); Zinc (Die castings, coated tubing). Powder Finishers offer thermoset powder coating: Acrylics, Epoxy, Hybrid, Polyester or Urethane. Offers include shotblasting and rotoblast capabilities 72"x96". Located just off the interstate between Chicago and Milwaukee serving Agricultural, Automotive, General Metal Fabrications, Medical, Lawn/Garden, and Window/Door Industies.

Architectural / Residential Powder Coating

Bring us your WEATHERED LAWN FURNITURE AND SPECIAL PROJECTS for a fresh powder coating makeover! Powder coating adds a resilient skin that liquid paints just aren’t able to beat. The tough and seamless coating can withstand harsh environments and everyday wear and tear.

Commercial and Industrial Projects

Powder coating is the perfect choice for heavy machinery and industrial products. Cost-effective & Long-lasting.

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