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Powder Coating in Mahwah NJ

Rustylions Powder coating has been a leader in the Refinishing, Restoration, Fabrications, and Powder Coating Mahwah NJ for the past 20 years, serving the Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets.

The Pioneer in Powder Coating Services in Mahwah NJ

Our Powdercoati NJ is the most popular and efficient paint application process that uses electrostatically charged powdered resin to adhere to a surface, then melting- bonding, and curing that resin to the desired surface in a curing-oven. As there are no solvents in the products, the whole process is environmentally friendly. Mahwah NJ Powder Coating offers an excellent, cost-effective, and robust finish!

The Leader in Sandblasting Services in Mahwah NJ

Abrasive blasting has generally been referred to as 'sandblasting.' Nevertheless, our abrasive blast cleaning is not only a critical method for eliminating rust but also for preparing surfaces to manufacture high-quality coating or processing finished products to give it the sleek and luster surface texture you desire.

The Specialist in Fabrication Services in Mahwah NJ

The desire to be a one-stop-shop has always been at the forefront of the Rustylions Powder coating mindset. Our fabrication workshop allows customers to design their projects and produce a product built for excellence. With a vast fabrication space paired with its painting and powder coating shops, Rustylions Powder coating desires to consolidate its services into a single robust facility intended to meet each challenge of the markets we serve.

Rustylions Powder Coating Committed to Future- Committed to Top Quality Assurance

Quality-Control is an integral part of our work process wherein several tests are performed to ensure consistent results. The performance properties for which Rustylions Powder Coating tests are:

Production Testing Requirements:

Coated Test Specimens: Coated surfaces must satisfy the standards needed for thickness, rapid impact deformation, adhesion, gloss, and curative applications. Tests shall be conducted with research samples handled in the manufacturing process, according to the standard, as many times as required to ensure compliance with the specimen as defined in the specification. The research samples are treated from pretreatment through to powder application and curing during the completion process.

Coating Performance Requirements:

Powder makers and applications are well prepared to support the procurement of the most suitable powder for a particular use. The performance-oriented strategy starts with the following general issues:

Specific requirements should be clearly defined and well planned, without giving rise to the temptation to rely too heavily on particular properties. Through using these two basic issues, the particular performance goal can be achieved, not over-specifying or over-engineering the product, which tends to add cost and obscure the real objective.

Finish Quality Determination:

Class A:– Finish demands the most consistent gloss, no defects, and highest smoothness and minimum batch-to-batch color variation. Example- P C boards other electronics and automotive appearance finishes.

Class B:– Finishes similar to A but more easily achievable quality objectives. A large percentage of decorative powders are in Class B and include decorative shelving and light fixtures.

Class C:– Generally prescribed for non-appearance parts and therefore have reduced appearance requirements but will require excellent barrier properties. Applications include engine blocks, reinforcement bars for concrete, and other construction needs.

For all your Refinishing, Restoration, Fabrications, and Powder Coating requirements, call Rustylions Powder coating at 347-613-8103/ 973-459-8515.

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