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Performance Standards and Assurance

Our Quality Benchmarks will affirm that every one of your parts is finished to meet the standard of performance quality you require.



Quality is our foremost concern. We acknowledge your needs across a wide variety of finishing specifications and applications and work with you to understand the applications and environments to ensure the final product meets the expectations All our employees receive quality training.


Every part is digitally entered into its own unique work instruction which details every aspect of production and quality to be sure each part is processed the same, every time. Upon receipt, your product or parts are identified, labeled, and the containers are inspected for any shipping issues.

All through the coating process our operators are progressing by observing and inspecting each step. Prior to packaging items are inspected, verified, and signed off.



Each of our coating systems has programmed controls and alarms. In inclusion to these controls, all equipment and chemical baths are checked daily. We also have a full preventative maintenance system with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual requirements.

Consistent quality delivered on schedule along with justifiable price is the bedrock to both of our success.

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