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Architectural/ Residential Powder Coating

Powder coating finishes can be used to protect metal items in both interior and exterior projects. Powder coating allows you to play with colors and textures as part of an overall design, while providing a durable, decorative protective finish. Our experience in powder coating shows through in everything we do. From structural steel to gates, signage to facia, stair assemblies and railings; there is no architectural project that is too large or too small for our expert team.


Rusty Lions is your partner for light and heavy architectural powder coating services. Powder coating is rapidly spreading across North America, accounting for over 10% of all industrial finishing applications. Our modern coating can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including:

  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Architectural wrought iron and aluminum
  • Fencing
  • Light fixtures and poles
  • Metal doors and frames
  • Outdoor seating and much more


Rusty Lions offers superior-quality powder coating, thereby guaranteeing perfect surface finishing.

The different types of powder materials provide coating uniformity and consistent edge coverage, and deliver a wide range of coating thicknesses for greater corrosion resistance.

Numerous powder formulations meet the broadest spectrum of requirements for final finish color, gloss, hardness, weathering, abrasion and chemical resistance.

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