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We are best in Powder Coat NJ

Rusty Lions provides expert powder coating New Jersey!

We focus on creating superior finishes to meet all of our customers' needs.


Rusty Lions offers top quality powder coating NJ. Our advanced electrostatic coating services for both industrial and architectural companies include:

  • Nylon and vinyl
  • Insulation
  • Custom coating
  • Specialty coating including Cerakote
  • Architectural
  • OEM

Our environmentally-friendly powder coating can be applied to aluminum, steel, glass and many other metals.


Powder coating is a multi-step surface finishing process suitable for metal and non-metal substrates. The method includes a preparation, application, and curing stage, and, at a minimum, utilizes a spray gun, spray booth, and curing oven. We need to consider the substrate material being coated and its qualities and properties, as well as the type of powder coating material used.

Overview of Process and Equipment

Powder coating is a dry finishing process which employs powdered coating material. During the powder coating process, the powder is applied to a substrate’s pretreated surface, melted, and then dried and hardened into a protective/decorative coating. There are three stages to this process: surface preparation, coating application, and heat curing. Each stage employs a set of materials and equipment indicative of its particularities (e.g., the curing stage utilizes a curing oven), and, when properly completed, contributes to the production of a durable, even surface finish.

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