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Nylon and vinyl

Nylon and vinyl powder coatings are strong and durable. Call Rusty Lions!

We have been creating and providing powder coating finishes for more than 10 years.


Nylon and vinyl powder coatings add strength and durability to any surface or structure.

Nylon powder coating is abrasion, solvent and alkali resistant. It has a low coefficient to friction and is machinable and autoclavable.

Additionally, vinyl powder coating has good weatherability and high tear strength. It also resists most acids and alkalis, and offers excellent electrical insulation.

Call Rusty Lions for nylon and vinyl powder coating options!


At Rusty Lions, we have the skills and experience to handle any of your project needs. Powder coating is a material that can be safely and easily applied. In fact:

  • One-coat coverage often reduces production time and related costs.
  • Wraparound effect achieves full, two-side coverage of some products after spraying only one side.
  • The coating process is easily controlled and automated.
  • Powder coatings require no pre-mixing, viscosity adjustments or stirring.
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