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Rims are among the most powder coated automobile accessories. Read this blog on how it's done and what to keep in mind while selecting the applicator.

Powder coating has become a top choice for industrial and commercial finishing. Powder coating has widespread applications, from protecting outdoor furniture to industrial coating equipment for enhanced durability and protection.

Powder coating is also used to refinish car rims. Powder-coating rims have several benefits.

Firstly, the coating makes the rims look attractive while entirely changing the look of automobiles.

Secondly, due to the thickness of the coat, the rims can be expected to last for several years with increased durability.

Lastly, powder coating comes in a wide range of colors and finishing options, meaning you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car rims in just a single coat.

This article will discuss the quality and price of powder coating rims and how to complete the process flawlessly.

What is Powder Coating, and How Does it Work?

Unlike wet paint, powder coating is a dry finishing process that uses an electric charge to fuse the dry powder on the metal surface to which they're applied to. Next comes the curing process, where the surface is baked in a curing oven for smooth coating.

Powder coating is basically used to create a hard, sturdy finish that's tougher, more durable, and longer lasting than wet paint.

How is Powder Coating Done?

Materials previously finished using wet paint must be stripped of their original paint and other allied attachments. This is because these materials cannot be removed after the powder coating process. The powder coating will adhere to all the bolts inside the time, making it impossible to remove them unless the part is stripped off the coat again.

You must be wondering how to remove paint from rims. You have two options for this. You can either remove the paint with the help of chemicals or sandblast the surface. The part is then cleaned to remove any grease or dirt accumulated.

The next step is to fasten the bolts and other pieces by masking or plugging. Then begins the powder coating process. The powder coating is sprayed onto the surface using a specialized gun, subsequent to which the part is inserted into the curing oven, where the powder melts and adheres to the surface.

The final result?

A durable, weather–resistant, and aesthetically pleasing final product.

The Process of Powder Coating Rims

Among the most common applications of powder coating is on automobile accessories, and rims are the most refinished products in a vehicle. Whether it's the rim of a car, bike, or heavy-load vehicle, powder coating is the preferred finishing choice for all of these.

Apart from the durability and sturdiness, rims are also powder coated frequently to the vehicle's appearance. With a new coating set, your vehicle can appear more stylishly modern and visually pleasing. From chrome finishes to gloss black, there are a dozen trends created by powder coating when it comes to finishing vehicle rims.

Powder coating on rims is a step-by-step process that works as follows:

Step 1. Choosing the Color and Finish

When you visit a powder coating company, you need to choose the color and finish of your choice. The professionals there would remove the tire and all the sensors attached to the rim to start the process.

Step 2. Removing the Old Paint

The next step is to remove any previous paint by chemical processing or sandblasting. If there's any damage to the surface, our professionals will sand it down to eliminate any rash or curb.

Step 3. Cleaning the Rim

We then remove all dirt, debris, and grease from the rim.

Step 4. Spraying the Surface

The surface is then sprayed with powder coating using a special gun.

Step 5. Curing

The rims are then sent for the curing process in the oven. We ensure low-temperature curing so that the surface sustains no damage.

Step 6. Mounting the Tires

After the spraying and curing process, we wait for the rim and the wheels to cool down before mounting the Tires. This wait time is necessary so that any lubricant or liquid used in mounting doesn't stain the powder coating on the rim.

Choosing the Right Powder Coating Provider

Now that you know how to Powder coat rims, it's time to choose the suitable applicator. Powder coating is done by small custom shops conducting small runs and manufacturing plants with hundreds of items lined up for powder coating.

Manufacturing plans mostly use conveyor belts to move parts from the washing station into the oven.

At Rusty Lions, we have an oven and qualified professionals who pep and load your rims into the oven. The same team also inspects the rims thoroughly once the curing process is complete.

In lieu of this, it's best to visit a custom shop like Rusty Lions if you don't have too many rims to finish. We have no minimum orders and can accommodate any color or finishing specifications that you may have. We also have experienced applicators who can guide and advise you on the best customizations for powder coating your rims.

Additionally, you should ensure that the powder coating provider doesn't pawn it off to a large manufacturing unit. This would result in incremental costs and longer wait times. You may also be unable to ask for any adjustment if you're not satisfied with the quality simply because of the multiple vendors involved in this process.

But, at Rusty Lions, we can efficiently control the outcome of your powder coating job with in-house services, top-class equipment, resources, and experienced professionals to deliver a final solution that exceeds your expectations.

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