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Why Use Powder Coating?

There are many options to choose from when you're looking to paint metals or other surfaces. One is powder coating, which has numerous advantages over traditional wet paint.

Powder coating is the preferred choice for painting metal or other surfaces, with exceptionally high usage in the fabrication industry. This is because it's more reliable than a paint job and has several benefits over traditional mediums.

What is Powder Coating and Why Should I Use It?

Powder coating applies colors on a surface, which is mostly metal. The process includes an electrical charge that makes the paint stick to the surface, making the metal more durable and long-lasting.

Following are the principal benefits of powder coating over wet paint and other coating materials:

  • Durability

    Powder-coated surfaces have strong durability and are highly resistant to wear and tear. The coating makes the metal surface resistant to scratches and fading, making them highly suitable for industrial application. This form of layering is ideal for protection against the elements for a longer duration than wet paint.

    In addition, the finishing of your coating job is also likely to stay longer than other alternatives. Powder coating comes in various types, like UV-resistant coating, protecting against sunlight.

    Such comprehensive protection against damage makes them suitable for high-risk areas.

  • Environment-Friendly

    Powder coating is also eco-friendly, as it contains fewer chemicals than traditional forms of paint. The powder coating process includes an electrical charge to make the powder coat stick on metal or other surfaces. Without the need for any solvents, it makes them a great environmentally sustainable alternative.

    Other forms of coating like wet paint contain organic compounds that threaten the environment. These also have high levels of pollutants, making them harmful to the people around them.

    On the contrary, powder coatings do not contain any harmful organic compounds, making them safe for the people applying them.

  • Long-term Coating Solution

    Powder-coated materials are very easy-to-maintain and have a long life. Due to its high durability, powder coating lasts more prolonged, in safety and maintaining its aesthetics.

    Powder-coated materials can be easily cleaned off with light scrubbing and water for removing dust and dirt particles. They also protect the material surface from a wide range of environmental factors.

  • Saves Time and Money

    Liquid paint and other coating processes take a long time to complete, which isn't the case with powder coating. Powder coating can be completed much more quickly than traditional paint jobs. This is because the coating is instantaneously applied on surfaces, and then they immediately undergo the curing process. This saves a lot of effort and manual labor while coloring many surfaces.

    Moreover, powder-coated materials will save a lot of expenses for you, primarily due to their durability and high shelf life. Thus they also utilize fewer materials and equipment, which translates into more savings for you.

Maintaining Powder Coated Products

Powder coating is most commonly used on metal surfaces with outdoor applications (gates, boulders, etc.). Being in an outdoor setting, these products are exposed to the natural weather elements like rain, pollution, cold, sea moisture, sun, etc., all year round. All these natural phenomena can seriously harm the metal product and be detrimental to its lifespan.

An example of the potential risk of not maintaining your powder-coated metal products can be demonstrated by a car. If the vehicle is put in the open with no care and maintenance whatsoever, over time, its body will be subject to corrosion from the sun, dirt, pollution, and other debris. But with proper care and maintenance regularly, you can maintain the look of the product and increase its life exponentially.

However, it should be noted here that there's no definitive expiry date of a powder coating job. So you'd be better off caring for your product right from the onset to prevent damage to it. After all, prevention is way better than cure.

Powder Coating Applications

The most common type of material that can be effectively powder coated is metals. Almost every metal can be easily powder coated; brass, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, you name it.

This is because metals in the manufacturing industry can be electrically underground, so it's relatively easy to use static electricity and powder coat the metal surface. However, metals aren't the only surface that qualifies for powder coating. For other characters, the powder coating has to be cured in a hot oven at specific temperatures before it's applied.

Trust Rusty Lions for Expert Powder Coating Services

Now you know that powder coating offers many benefits compared to liquid paint, making them a viable choice for applying color on materials. Whether it's for rough usage or an aesthetic appeal, powder-coating offers the best of both worlds.

If you're looking for powder coating services in New Jersey, look no further than Rusty Lions, your one-stop solution for all your powder coating needs. Our experts can expedite your powder coating process on surfaces including metals, glass, wood, and more. Whichever texture you need, whatever parts you want coated, contact Rusty Lions and get a quote from our experts today.

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