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Types of Powder Coating Textures

Powder coating is used by carmakers and industrial manufacturers for polishing metal products. The coating not only does improve the appearance of the product but also enhances its durability. It's a key requirement in fulfilling industrial designs of products.

But powder coating too varies in textures, with numerous options to choose from. You customize your powder coating job as per the metal surface to be coated.

But before we go into the types of powder coating textures, let's look at why it's a better option than wet paint.

Benefits of Powder Coating over Wet Paint

Wet painting has been the preferred choice in the industry for colored coating of surfaces. Metal fabricators especially used wet paints for paint jobs not so long ago.

So, why the shift towards Powder Coating now?

A major drawback of wet paint coating is that it's not durable enough and requires extra layers of coating job. Powder coating, meanwhile, leaves a thicker finish without the need for additional layers and keeps the metal far more durable than wet paint does.

In addition, the powder is also environmentally friendly, as it uses less organic compounds than wet paint does.

Types of Powder Coating Textures

Powder coating beautifies a product and renders it with an aesthetic value while also increasing its life with durability. Choosing the right powder coating texture is essential for the final product to meet the design expectations.

Textures are great at hiding imperfections and can be customized as per three commonly available classifications:

  • Sand Texture

    The sand texture is so named due to the similarity of its appearance with sandpaper. Applying this texture would lower the gloss level but increase friction on the surface, which is useful in many applications.

  • Wrinkled Texture

    Wrinkled texture coating is also similar to sand texture, but its coarseness gives a much better grip to objects on which it's coated. Wrinkled textures have minimal gloss and prevent wear and tears on the coated surface.

    This gritty texture is commonly used in industries where the surface is prone to cuts and scratches by sharp tools. With the addition of Urethanes, the surface becomes even tougher with corrosion resistance properties.

    Hammer tone texture provides a thick exterior coating to metal surfaces with high-quality resistance against minor scratches and impacts. Hammer tone is similar to that of an orange skin or a golf ball surface. This texture is commonly used in the architectural and interior designing industry and is well suited for coating furniture and lighting fixtures.

  • River Vein Texture

    River vein texture is so-called due to an appearance akin to river channels on the surface on which it's applied. The river vein texture is also used for indoor applications like furniture and electrical housing sets. Applying this texture on a surface requires a professional with experience in river vein coatings. This is because the lack of prior knowledge may lead to uneven results on your coating job.

    River vein texture is also widely used in industrial design with a single tone or double tone colors. To add extra durability to a river vein texture coating, you can add the polyester powder to great effect.

Other Powder coating Factors to Consider

The powder coating textures aren't all that you've got to decide. The application of the product that's to be coated also needs consideration. The powder coating texture that you apply will determine the product's final appearance. It also affects the color and gloss of the surface it's applied on.

Powder coating service providers will give you a choice to pick from various colors. Some professionals may also choose a customized color that compliments your exact vision for the project.

Another factor to consider is the gloss. Gloss effects are used on thin surface textures to increase the visibility of a product. You can go for matte, low gloss, medium gloss, or high gloss as per the product surface.

Choosing the Right Powder Coating Texture

The importance of choosing the right texture for your paint job cannot be overstated in saying that it will surely determine the outcome of your product's visible attributes. If the product needs to be distinctive in its looks, you'll need a different coating texture than if it's just a part to be placed in machinery.

Powder coating is also used to hide the defects or increase the aesthetic value of a product. Thus the powder coating texture you choose can also have a functional value along with an aesthetic sense.

There are also many powder coating textures apart from the four mentioned above. Other powder coating textures include metallic, fluorescent, glimmer, antique, etc. And there are various permutations and combinations to align the texture with the colors and gloss to fulfill your design expectations.

Keep the following points in mind when choosing the right powder texture for your product in New Jersey:

  • Usage of the product.
  • The conditions that the product will have to endure, i.e., high temperatures, chemicals, etc.
  • Your preferred color, texture, and gloss level.

The powder coating also varies in type. The two main powder coating classifications are thermoplastic and thermoset, with each of them having several sub-categories of its own. Both of these types have a different effect on the outcome of your powder coating job.

With so many factors to consider for your paint job, it's ideal to consult with a professional to determine the best texture, color, and gloss for application. Doing so will save precious resources for you in the form of time and money with a perfect product that's finished as per your expectations.

Get the Best Powder Coating Job in New Jersey

Are you looking for high-quality powder coating services in New Jersey? Rusty Lions is proficient in custom coating restoration commercial and architectural powder coatings in New Jersey. From assisting you in selecting the right texture, color, and gloss for your coating job to expert coating application on your product, we take it upon ourselves to provide you with the best services possible.

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