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Motorcycle Powder Coating

We can help you personalize your custom motorcycle with quality powder finishing. No matter if it’s your custom Harley, chopper, ATV or dirty bike we pay particular attention to detail and quality to your projects finish. By choosing a unique color for your frame, wheels, swing arms and/or other parts, your bike will definitely stand out in the crowd.

With so many colors and textures to choose from, there will be a color available to suit your personality. In addition to custom colors, we have candies and metal flake colors available, too. We can coat aluminum, magnesium and even chrome-plated parts.

Items we powder coat includes: motorcycle frames, sub frames, wheels, hubs, clutch cover, handlebars, forks and much more.

The Process

AAll motor cycle frames and parts are degreased, then shotblasted to remove all the old paint finish and any rust or other foreign matter.

Immediately after shotblasting all parts are sprayed with a two pack zinc chromate etch primer. This seals the freshly shotblasted surface and provides a further barrier against corrosion.

All components are then rubbed down by hand to de-nib the surface and ensure they are smooth.

The parts are then powder coated by hand, applying a coat of polyester (external quality) powder prior to curing in an oven at 180°C minimum for between 25 and 40 minutes depending upon the thickness of the material being coated. After curing the parts are allowed to cool and then 100% inspected prior to packing / labelling.

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