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How Does Powder coating Work?

Powder coating has become an industry standard and a viable replacement to paint. Powder coating is used to coat metal surfaces to add brittle texture and sturdiness to the product. It's a key part of industrial design which renders an aesthetic value to the product.

Today, powder coating has various applications, including the furniture in your home and electronic appliance components. Although powder coating guarantees the product's durability, a little care and maintenance of the product will increase the lifespan of the product even further.

Many factors can contribute to the degradation of a powder-coated product. Exposure to natural elements like rain, pollution, cold, sea moisture, sun, etc., can cause wear and tear of the product's surface.

In this article, we'll look into how you can keep your powder-coated products in the best shape and appearance and increase their lifespan. But first, we'll talk about the advantages of powder coating on surfaces and the need to maintain powder-coated products.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating has its application in areas where paint is not deemed suitable. That is because powder coating has a thick layer compared to paint, so it doesn't need additional layering on the surface. Moreover, powder coating is also environmentally-friendly as it uses fewer organic compounds than paint.

Here are some other major benefits of powder coating:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High-quality finish
  • Scratch-Proof
  • Cheaper than paint
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fades less over time than paint.

Due to the above reasons, powder coating is used widely by metal fabricators, automotive manufacturers, furniture, appliances, architects, and more. Due to its easy usage, it's also used by end consumers for coating their house appliances or automobiles.

Importance of Maintaining Powder Coated Products

Powder coating is most commonly used on metal surfaces with outdoor applications (gates, boulders, etc.). Being in an outdoor setting, these products are exposed to the natural weather elements like rain, pollution, cold, sea moisture, sun, etc., all year round. All these natural phenomena can seriously harm the metal product and be detrimental to its lifespan.

An example of the potential risk of not maintaining your powder-coated metal products can be demonstrated by a car. If the car is put in the open with no care and maintenance whatsoever, over time, its body will be subject to corrosion from the sun, dirt, pollution, and other debris. But with proper care and maintenance on a regular basis, you can maintain the look of the product and increase its life exponentially.

However, it should be noted here that there's no definitive expiry date of a powder coating job. So you'd be better off caring for your product right from the onset to prevent damage to it. After all, prevention is way better than cure.

Tips to Care and Maintain Powder Coated Products

As mentioned above, with the right care, you can increase the appearance and life of the product. The tips mentioned below are easy advisories that can be used at home without any professional help. If anything, these tips can help you lower the maintenance cost of powder-coated surfaces:

  • Use Mild Chemical Cleaners

    Commercial cleaners are composed of harsh chemical solvents that damage the powder coating. Harsh chemicals decrease the life expectancy of powder coating jobs.

    Use pressure washers with a low-pressure setting to remove dirt and other particles from the surface. A high-pressure washer can remove the coating from the metal surface. Also, remember to use filtered water to wash the metal as unfiltered water may leave stains on the surface of the metals.

  • Hand-Wash with Mild Soaps and Water

    Outdoor furniture and appliances with powder coating can be hand washed using a water-soaked soft cloth or brush and mild soap to clean the surface. If you're unsure about the nature of the soap, remember that if it doesn't cause harshness on your skin, it's right for the powder coating. PH-neutral soaps are the right fit to clean metal surfaces as they contain emulsifiers that thoroughly clean the surface of any stains.

    Use a wet sponge to wipe the surface and clean off debris or particles. You can also scrub the surface with a brush and a mild soap before washing the surface with filtered water.

  • Pressure Cleaning

    One of the most effective ways to clean powder-coated metal surfaces is by using pressure cleaning. Use a low-pressure setting to perfectly clean the surface and protect the coating. Also, use filtered water to clean the surface to avoid the coating peeling off. Unfiltered water has sulfur or chlorine contents that can remove the powder coating on metals.

    Using filtered water and a low-pressure washer, you can effectively remove all the dirt and other particles from the metal surface.

  • Wax Coating

    Wax protectants are also efficient protective agents that can be coated on furniture and other objects in the house. Apply wax protection on surfaces with regular usage like stairways, furniture, handrails, vehicles, fences, and other fixtures.

    With wax coating, however, you need to bear a few things in mind. Ensure to use a non-abrasive wax that has anti-UV properties. Don't coat the surface heavily with wax. Once you've applied the wax, remove any excess wax and watch your product become brand new and shiny again.

    Simply use a high-grade non-abrasive wax after you've finished cleaning the surface. To prevent the color from fading, use a wax with UV protective properties. Wax also helps protect the powder-coated finish once you've cleaned the surface with soap or pressured water.

  • Rust Prevention

    Powder coating is commonly used on metal surfaces like iron, steel, aluminum, etc. These metals are commonly used in outdoor settings like fences, guards, and rails. Since they're exposed to the elements, they need to be properly tended to prevent rust or corrosion.

    Once you've cleaned the surface from any dirt, you can cover any scratches on the metal with medium-grade sandpaper and cover the damaged area. Now that any damage has been covered apply a metal primer on the damaged area and topcoat it properly.

    Always remember to remove any signs of rust as soon as you see them. Doing this will enhance the appearance and life of your product. If the damage to the product is excessive, look for professional help in your area.

  • Repairing Damage to the Surface

    If you see any damage to the metal surface, like scratches or dents, you can tend to it by yourself in case of minor damages. If the damage is excessive, look to hire a contractor or a professional.

    To repair any damage to your powder-coated products, apply medium-grade sandpaper to the damaged area until the surface is smooth with no signs of rust. You can then apply a metal primer on the damaged part and seal it effectively. Once the primer is dry, paint it with enamel that compliments the powder coating color and texture.

  • Maintaining Outdoor Metal Fixtures

    Outdoor metal fixtures like gates, fences, rails, and guards are more risk-prone due to the weather conditions they're subjected to 24x7. These metal products also have to endure scratches, knicks, and other forms of damage due to being outdoors. Immediately tend to any signs of rust and be proactive in replacing damaged parts as quickly as possible to prolong its life. It's also advisable to inspect for any signs of rust, corrosion, or damage on outdoor fixtures twice or thrice every year, especially if they're near areas of high vehicular traffic.

    Powder coating is more long-lasting than paint, and with proper care and maintenance, you can preserve the aesthetic and functional aspects of your product. These are some of the care and maintenance tips that'll help your powder-coated products to be supremely durable and have a long life. You can apply these tips to furniture, automobiles and their parts, fences, gates, guardrails, etc., and enjoy saving on maintenance costs for these products.

Trust Rusty Lions With Superior Powder Coating Jobs

Maintaining your powder-coated products isn't an expensive venture; you can easily maintain them in a cost-affordable manner to enhance their life expectancy. To learn more about powder coating jobs and to maintain your coated surfaces, contact the professionals at Rusty Lions for expert tips and help.

We can keep your car parts, outdoor furniture, and other metal surfaces healthy and prolong their utility life. Get in touch with us for superior powder coating jobs and damage repair to your powder-coated metal surfaces. We're happy to help you in any way possible, whether it's a powder coating gig or a simple maintenance job. High-quality powder coating is our forte, and that's what we bring to the table for any industrial, commercial, or domestic projects.

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