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Powder coating is a finishing process where dry powder material is applied to the object which is to be coated. After the powder is applied to the object, it's baked and hardened in an oven.

Powder coating is an excellent alternative to wet paint, providing a more premium and uniform finish to the object. Everyday objects like fences, patio furniture, bed-frame, vehicles, and handrails are powder coated. Powder coating has emerged as a popular alternative to wet paint.

Average Powder Coating Cost in the US

How much does Powder Coating Cost

Powder coating is a better and more expensive alternative to getting a wet paint job. On average, its cost ranges from somewhere around $100 to over $1000 depending upon various factors, such as:

  • The size of the object
  • Quantity of the object
  • Prep work needed

Powder coating prices have a vast range and are highly dependent upon the size of the object and the amount of prep work it requires. In general, the bigger the object is, the more prep work is needed.

For example, get a bed frame of average size powder coated. Depending upon the quality and color customization, you'll spend around $50 to $150, whereas getting a vehicle powder coated can go beyond $1000.

Factors Affecting Powder Coating Cost

Powder coating applicators are quite coy when it comes to project cost. That's because every project is different. Most applicators provide flat rates for common powder coating jobs based on cost per meter by length (for flat items like fences) or cost per square meter (for larger objects). High-volume projects involve a flat rate per item, or variable rates as per quantity. Thus, the higher the number of items to be coated, the lower the cost per item.

Some applicators purchase powder directly from manufacturers. The price of procurement may vary from one manufacturer to the next, type of powder, and your project specifications.

You can alternatively approach manufacturers directly to inquire about their prices and then finding out the applicators they supply.

When determining powder coating cost, the applicator will consider the following factors:


If your objects are greasy or rusting, the applicator will have to clean and treat the piece before powder coating. There are several methods for treating metal and nonmetal items before a coating job, such as sandblasting and chemical stripping. Whichever method they choose, it will add to equipment and manpower costs.

Shape, Size, & Number of Objects

Larger objects need more powder and application time - and therefore more expenses. Similarly, components with unusual shapes are harder to coat, thus priced higher than standard items. Always enquire with your applicator if they have the equipment and capability to handle your order. Powder coaters with small batch ovens have to treat components individually, leading to higher costs.

Additionally, different metals require different preparation and coating processes, which will affect the final price of your project.

Type of Powder & Finishing

There are several types of powders, like epoxy, nylon, polyester, and polyurethane - each offering unique textures and finishes. For instance, polyester powder provides low durability and is therefore the cheapest powder. On the other hand, fluoropolymers offer heavy duty finishes and are more expensive.

The type of finish required will also affect the price. Matte or glossy finished are pricier than simpler alternatives. Lastly, the price of powder also decreases as the quantity increases. You'd incur lower powder cost per kilo for larger surfaces.

Powder Coating Cost of Common Items

Now that we've learned all about what affects powder coating cost and how it's determined, let's move on to the powder coating cost of common, everyday items. We have compiled this list based on popular applications like powder coating rims, wheels, gates, fences, etc. There may be regional differences of course, varying from one applicator to the next.

But these prices are a starting point that'll help you arrive at an approximate estimate of the costs you may have to incur. Bear in mind any restoration or repair work, and special colors or finishing will further increase the costs.


Four Wheeler ATV frame $250
Vehicle Carburetor $100 to $200
Standard Car Wheels $50 to $60 each
Alternator Fan $10.00 and up
Battery Box. $25 and up
Brackets $10-$20 and up
Brake Drum $35.00 (each) and up
Bumper/Car $175.00 and up
Clutch $40.00 and up
Drive Shaft $75.00 and up
Frames. $700 and up
Oil Filter Cover $10.00 and up
Radiator. $100-$150
Radiator fan $50 and up
Steering Box $50.00 and up
Rims. $30 and up
Transmission. $175 and up


Battery Box $30.00 and up
Brackets $5-$10 and up
Brake Pedal $25.00 (each) and up
Brake Pedal Mount $25.00 and up
Clutch/Brake Lever $20.00 (each) and up
Cylinders. $175 and up
Exhaust. $60 and up
Frame, ATV $350.00 and up
Gas Tank $150 and up
Handlebars $75.00 and up
Headlight Rim $15.00 and up
Wheels $150.00 and up

Architectural, Residential, & Miscellaneous

Bed Frames. $200-$400
Grates $15.00/sq. ft. and up
Fences & Gates. $8-$10 per square/ft
Doors & Windows. $60-$90 each
HandRails $15.00/ft. and up
Lawn Mower. $190-$230
Railings $10.00 per sq/ft. and up
Outdoor Furniture. $500 and up
Arm chair $150 and up
Metal Sheet. $10 per square/ft and up

Powder Coating: DIY v Professional Applicators

If you have specialized equipment, you can DIY a powder coating project yourself. You'll need a special curing oven and an electrostatic spray gun to get started.

Bear in mind that even with the equipment, you'll need specialist know-how and the skills. At-home powder coating will include surface preparation, coating equipment, powder, and an oven. Purchasing these appliances and materials means it's not a cost-saving DIY project.

Here's a list of powder coating products that you'll need to set up your DIY project, excluding possible shipping costs.

  • Powder Coating equipment:$500 and up
  • Curing oven (small):$125 and up
  • Powder:$10-$20 per pound
  • Safety Equipment (Goggles, Masks, & Gloves):$55-$235

Even at the lowest estimates, you'll be incurring $690-$730 for your DIY powder coating project. In contrast, having a professional complete your project will cost you $50-$150 per hour labor wages plus $10-$20 per pound of materials.

Evidently, trusting an applicator with the job will not only be cheaper than DIY, but also more efficient. They already have the equipment and expertise to manage your project. And if you're considering DIY, you probably need to powder coat everyday items. Metal finishing professionals have significant experience in powder coating common household items.

Hence, it makes more sense to trust a professional than doing it yourself.

How to Minimize the Cost of Powder Coating?

While powder coating can get really expensive, there are a few hacks you can try to lower the overall cost. Here's how you can give your components a new look with powder coating without burning a hole in your pocket:

Don't DIY

Most DIYs save money - but not this one. You'll need specialty equipment, tools, and safety gears for your project. In addition, the risk of error or inefficiency is also greater with DIY.

It makes more financial sense to hire pros to complete your project.

Approach Manufacturers Directly

You can skip the middleman and obtain quotations from manufacturers directly. You can save a few bucks by purchasing paint wholesale rather than leaving it all to the applicator.

DIY Surface Treatment

While your powder coating applicators have the expertise in metal finishing, you can save money by taking on cleaning and treatment yourself. You can purchase chemical strippers to remove corrosion and rust from your parts before the powder coating process starts.

Do your Research

Always do your research before choosing your powder coater. Obtain multiple quotes from specialists and choose one that fits your budget.

Wrapping Up

Powder coating is a popular surface coating method and there are many applicators across New Jersey offering powder coating services. Remember that each of them may have different capabilities; while one may specialize in powder coating small parts, others may only accept high-volume projects.

If you want more information on powder coating cost or services, connect to Rusty Lions and request a free quote. Our experienced technicians are here to provide high-quality powder coating with fast turnaround and competitive prices.

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